The Babble Project

One of the key points of Babble is the idea of uniting everyone under a single idea – in this case, a universal language – so we decided to see if we could unite some of our favourite creator owned characters in the same way…

Carrie Hartnoll

01. Carrie Hartnoll

Art: Bryan Coyle

Carrie Hartnoll is our lead character. She’s a twenty-something English girl trying to piece her life together after making a fresh start in Ivy League America. However, as the story progresses, she finds herself thrown on to a path that will change the world as we know it forever…

Carrie Hartnoll Copyright © Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle


02. BlueSpear

Art: Kevin Levell

Direct from the pages of the critically acclaimed Forty-Five comes the mysterious Japanese superhero BlueSpear! Who is BlueSpear? And what part does he play in the grand scheme of the Forty-Five universe?

BlueSpear © Copyright 2011 Com.X/Andi Ewington


03. Whistler

Art: Bolt-01. Colours: Bryan Coyle.

Straight from the longest running 2000AD fanzine Dogbreath, comes the Search/Destroy agent known as Whistler!

Whistler created by Dave Evans

The Wolfmen

04. The Wolfmen

Art: Andy Bloor

From the London ganglands come The Wolfmen! Who are they and can their newest recruit, Jack Grey, live long enough to find out?

The Wolfmen © Copyright 2011 Dave West and Andy Bloor


05. Ablyss

Art: Valia Kapadai

The neurotic elf Ablyss steps into the limelight!

Ablyss © Copyright 2011 Valia Kapadai

Frank Sartre

06. Frank Sartre

Art: James Reekie

Created by James Peaty and James Reekie, Frank Sartre is a washed up club singer in the grip of depression and haunted by recurring dreams of a mysterious girl. With a killer stalking the streets of Cosmopolis and an intrepid reporter looking for a connection to Frank, will our hero be able to find the answers he’s searching for?

Frank Sartre © Copyright 2011 James Peaty & James Reekie


07. Hammett

Art: Lonny Chant

Created by us, Hammett is a private eye in the Philip Marlowe vein, living and working in a future world where humans and robots live and work side by side, but where the crimes are all too familiar…

Hammett © Copyright 2011 Lee Robson & Bryan Coyle

Wild West Wendy

08. Wild West Wendy

Art: Vicky Stonebridge

Created by Richmond Clements and Vicky Stonebridge, Wild West Wendy has travelled through the wilderness for 40 days and 40 nights to save her soul…

Wild West Wendy © Copyright 2011 Richmond Clements & Vicky Stonebridge

Sgt Mike Battle

09. Sgt Mike Battle

Art: Graham Pearce

Created by Graham Pearce, Sgt Mike Battle is the longest-running, most influential and biggest comic book character in American history, and has continued to defend the world from fascism, communism, terrorism and any other ideology that threatens the heroic American people!

Sgt. Mike Battle © Copyright 2011 Graham Pearce