“Just Like You”

Over on his blog, Bryan has posted an old strip that we did together, Just Like You, which first appeared in the GN Predators from Accent UK. I’ve taken the liberty of re-posting it here for your reading pleasure:

Predators is still available from your local comic emporium and it’s well worth your money.

Looking Ahead…

Wow, it’s been a while since this blog was updated, eh?

So, what’ve we been up to since 2014 started, then? Well… *shuffles feet* We have a failed pitch under out belt, which is pretty gutting, really but, hey it’s all been chalked down to experience (you can see some WIP shots from it here).

However, rather than wallow in self pity, we’ve got another pitch in the pipeline that’s moving at quite a pace at the moment and should – fingers crossed – be ready to try and find a good home in the next few weeks.

We also have a short story in the bag, waiting for release. It’ll be a freebie – from us to, well, whoever wants to read it – but we’re still figuring out when would be the best time to release it. In the meantime, though, you can still read our previous freebie, produced in conjunction with the guys at FQ Press, Judge Dredd: The Right To Arm Bears, here.

And, we’re both scheduled to be back in the pages of Zarjaz, although not together (there’s a chance we might be, though – watch this space!). Bryan’s got something on his schedule and I – Lee – have got something coming later this year, in the shape of a Judge Dredd strip called True Believers, with Paul Williams on art. We should be releasing a teaser for that shortly, too.

In the meantime, I made an appearance in the latest issues of the aforementioned Zarjaz and made a return to the pages of the Eagle Award nominated anthology FutureQuake.

Zarjaz #19 features Judge Dredd: Collector’s Market, by me and Stephen Downey, artist extraordinaire of Cancertown and Jennifer Wilde. The issue features a cover by 2000AD Art Droid Simon Fraser and looks like this:


FutureQuake #24 features Power & The Glory by me and the ludicrously talented Jim Lavery. You can read more about the strip over at Jim’s blog. The cover was provided by Mauro Lirussi and looks like this:



Both Zarjaz and FutureQuake are currently available from The FutureQuake Shop and the FQ Comicsy Shop.

Remember, you can find my blog here and Bryan’s blog here. Be sure and follow us on Twitter, too @BrigonChomhgail and @lee_robson.

Babble – The Video Teaser

WOO! We get to reveal what we’ve been keeping under wraps for a wee while now, but the guys at Com.X have only gone and done a trailer for Babble:


That teaser’s a pretty awesome way to cap off a pretty amazing run of PR for the book, and here’s hoping it spreads as far and as wide as it possibly can… Which is a hint that we’d be grateful for anyone and everyone spreading this around on social media and wherever else (and maybe buying the book, of course). So, y’know, stop reading this and get on it.

Panel Borders Interview

Last week, we were invited to talk to Alex Fitch for his Panel Borders show, being broadcast on Resonance FM. The themed show was about the legacy of 2000AD, but we managed to squeeze in some talk about Babble as well as our work for Zarjaz.

Anyway, here’s the info for the episode:

Panel Borders: The Legacy of 2000AD

Concluding a month of shows about comic book creators who collaborate together, Alex Fitch talks to a pair of 2000AD fanzine contributors and a quartet of acclaimed 1980s 2000AD alumni about their work. Dogbreath and Zarjaz contributors – Lee Robson and Bryan Coyle – discuss their first graphic novel, Babble, which tells the tale of how researchers into ancient languages accidentally release a virus that turns the human race into psychopaths.
Also, in a tag team discussion recorded after a signing in Gosh! Comics, Brendan McCarthy, Peter Milligan, Jim McCarthy and Brett Ewins talk about their work in “The Galaxy’s Greatest Comic”, the new Dark Horse collection The Best of Milligan and McCarthy, and the various ways they broke into comics.
The show will be broadcast at 4.30pm, Monday 25th November, repeated TBCam Thursday 28th November, Resonance 104.4 FM (London) / streamed at www.resonancefm.com / extended podcast at www.panelborders.wordpress.com

Update: The podcast is available now, directly from the Panel Borders site or from the Resonance FM archives.

After Babble

So, with Babble now out in the world and being very well received - which, really, is a hell of a nice surprise, and thank you to everyone who said nice things about it – our attention has been slowly shifting to what we’ve got planned next. While we’re still not ready to reveal the details, we can give you a couple of WIP shots from Bryan’s blog:

As our attention is moving onto this, we’re gradually winding up the social media side of Babble. The Twitter account is currently locked down and the Facebook page will be following soon after. The blog, on the other hand, is staying exactly where it is, so you can see preview pages, reviews and find out where to buy the book – and, of course, we’ll be using it keep people posted about what we’re doing with the thing above and other projects. However, you can find us both on Twitter: Lee is @lee_robson and Bryan is @BrigonChomhgail.

Apart from the thing above, we’ve got some other stuff brewing, which might be showing up before the end of the year. Watch this space…

FutureQuake 24 and Zarjaz 19 are OUT NOW!

From FQ Publications comes the latest issues of their flagship anthology and the Galaxy’s Greatest Fanzine – and Lee’s managed to secure a place in both of ‘em!

FutureQuake #24:

For FutureQuake #24,Lee has a strip with Jim Lavery called…

Sir Edward James: inventor, adventurer and hero of The British Empire. His exploits are known and revered throughout the land, but when the latest in a series of strange sightings in London is brought to his attention, his dark secret is finally about to be revealed…

Jim has also posted a couple of teaser panels over on this blog.

Letters for this story were provided by FQ editor Bolt-01.

The cover to FutureQuake #24, by Mauro Lirussi looks like this:

FutureQuake #24 is available from The FutureQuake Shop NOW, priced £4.00 (+ shipping) – along with some back issues – and should be available from your local Forbidden Planet International store and Orbital Comics in London soon. And, of course, copies will also be available from the FQP table at Thought Bubble Comic Festival later this month. You can see the full line up of strips and creators over at the FQP Blog.

Zarjaz #19:

For Zarjaz #19, Lee teamed up with Stephen Downey, artist extraordinaire of Cancertown and Jennifer Wilde, for a Judge Dredd story called Collectors Market:

With a 90% unemployment rate in Mega City-1, certain enterprising citizens have found a unique way to exploit those desperate for work. But when Judge Dredd stumbles across their operation, he uncovers an equally unique market for their “products”…

Again, letters for this were by Bolt-01, who really doesn’t get enough credit for his lettering prowess.

The rather scrotnig cover for Zarjaz #19, by art droid Simon Fraser, looks like this:

Zarjaz is available from The FutureQuake Shop NOW, priced £3.00 (+ shipping) – along with a whole lotta ghafbettle back issues – and should be available from your local Forbidden Planet International store and Orbital Comics in London soon. And, of course, copies will also be available from the FQP table at Thought Bubble Comic Festival later this month.

You can see the full running order and previews of the issue over at The Quaequam Blog (along with the news of the new Zarjaz special, “Drokk!” – but remember: set your browsers for Maximum Thrill Power!

In Review: Judge Tutor Semple

We have to put our hands up here and admit we missed this one – the original review was posted in January! – but Judge Tutor Semple took a look at Babble and enjoyed what he saw, saying “there are plenty of unexpected turns of events in the story, indeed my own assumptions were proven wrong in more ways than the lack of zombies in the story.”

You can read the whole review here, or click the image below.

Taking Stock

It’s been how long since this blog was last updated…? Yowch.

There’s actually been a fair bit going on behind the scenes, but not all of it’s been worth posting about here. However, the blog itself has had a few cosmetic tweaks – the key one being that the Reviews & Media page has had an update, so the reviews and features are separated, making it easier to see why we keep referring to Babble as “critically acclaimed.” Now, if only we could turn those great reviews into more sales…

As for what’s next… Well, we’re hip deep in a new pitch at the minute, which we’re deliberately keeping quiet about. All we will say is that it’s not a Babble sequel; it’s something entirely new. In fact, just for you, here’s a WIP pic from Bryan’s blog:

There’s not a lot we can say about this at the minute. The pitch is in the final leg and should be ready to go out to publishers fairly soon. And then… Well, we’ll see what happens. There may or may not be something new from us for Zarjaz, too, but that’s still in the early days.

So, yeah. We’re still alive and still making comics. More soon. Hopefully.


Zarjaz #18 & Dogbreath #27 OUT NOW!

The latest issues of the 2000AD fanzines, Zarjaz and Dogbreath, are out now – and Lee’s got contributions in ‘em both!

For Zarjaz, Lee and Stewart K. Moore teamed up for Judge Dredd: Jurassic Farce:


In need of a financial boost for the city, Justice Department grant Ramon Baxi’s Travelling Circus Of Wonders access to The Big Meg. But when an animal rights protest turns violent, the creatures of the ancient world – resurrected by 22nd Century science – are unleashed into the streets and only Judge Dredd stands between them and total destruction…

While, over in Dogbreath, he and Bolt-01 take on the Strontium Bitch herself, Durham Red, with a story called Neon Nights:


When a simple job goes disastrously wrong, Durham Red finds herself trapped on an alien planet, fighting her vampiric cravings and a fugitive from the local authorities. Determined to see the job, through, Durham takes one last run at her target, Robyn Redfearne, a mutant who can manipulate peoples innermost desires – including Duram’s blood lust…

Both comics have a cover by 2000AD art droid Ben Wilsher:

Both comics are available now, priced £3.00 (+ P&P) each. You can get them both – and a whole lotta back issues – from the FutureQuake Shop, and they’re also both available from the FQ Comicsy Shop!

You can see the complete contents for both comics over at The Quaequam Blog – but special mention has to go to our friend and big supporter Andi Ewington as he makes his Zarjaz debut with this very issue!

In Review: Mass Movement Magazine

Jim Dodge over at Mass Movement Magazine gave Babble a big thumbs up, saying “Babble is a piece full of anxiety, where the apocalypse isn’t a nuclear mushroom cloud or flesh eating zombies, but an honest attempt by a group of well-meaning people to improve the state of world affairs.”

You can read the full review here, or click the image below.

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